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Spigot Teapot
Raku fired ceramic, recycled plumbing parts, fabricated aluminum
17.5” X 10” X 4”
Gas Line Teapot
Raku fired ceramic, recycled gas pipe and plumbing Raku-fired ceramic, fabricated brass, recycled construction materials
13” X 12” X 5.5”
Gear Foot Teapot
Raku fired ceramic, clock gears, recycled contructin materials
13" x 6" x 10"
Raku fired porcelain
Tooth Triptych
Raku fired ceramic, molded from artist's mouth
Mouth Triptych
Raku fired ceramic

The Recycled Teapot Series was inspired by a water quality laboratory career and the concept of the water cycle.

The water we have is the same that we have always had. It is just recycled and reused. I created teapots from recycled materials, tying together the concept of water and its cyclical nature.

Oromaxilla, Tooth Triptych and Mouth Triptych are a series of wall plaques exploring the interior space of the human mouth.